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I was just recently told of this game's existence and I knew I HAD to give it a shot. After seeing almost beat for beat similar games made from following your tutorials I knew I had to try this one made by the man himself. I have to say, it's far better than the copies for sure but that's what I'd expect. I wasn't a huge fan of the Fear Meter mechanic, it just seemed pointless to me. Like I'd never be able to fully fill the meter so I didn't feel in danger at all. But overall an awesome short little experience. Thanks for making it!

Oh hey! Thanks for playing :)

So in a nutshell, if you played it again, it randomizes the location of some of the of items, which causes slight anxiety as you think you know where the items are, but they've moved and because know you're timed, it puts pressure on. Basically, it's just a quick way of showing how to do timed things in a game. 

I could have made this waaaay better if I'd have developed longer than 12 weeks, but then that defeats the object lol.

Mind if I share the video?

Him. The door needs a key? Well, I'll just take the other path to find a solution (Opens door. Has a heart attack

Finally got round to giving this a go. Was quite enjoyable. I actually wasted a lot of time in the lower part of the facility cos I couldn't unlock the door despite me picking up a pair of keys on a nearby barrel...not realizing I needed to do the eye puzzle for the actual key. XD

Would certainly play the complete game if that ever saw the light of day. And also, it's a small comfort to know that we might all be able to do something like this if we follow your tutorials. More than a few times, I had a "Oh I remember him explaining how to do this" moments while I played this.

oh dang it this game so laggy on my pc but this is awesome game and graphic was to intense

my pc spec:

Intel core i3 3.4Ghz

Ram 6GB

My graphic card,i dont know but the vram is 1024gb

This game was relaxing, fun, and scary all at the same time. I hope it gets turned into a full length in the future. Awesome game. 

#Horror #Horrorgame #Scary 

A great DEMO. We enjoyed it very much.

I love the ambience in this game, very nostalgic of old school horror. I don't know if you plan on making a full game to this, but I would be very interested. It was a great demo and very jumpscare-y.

I Like the Radio jimmy ,were you can just hear it in the other room...Nice Touch!!

I played your game in an indie romp, Hope you enjoy

Your game starts at 11:50

Yoo, this was a really good horror game! I enjoyed it a lot and made a video on it too! Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed the game 😊


A really nice game! I had loads of fun. I tried to record this the first time, but my recording failed. Unfortunatly I only realised it at the end... I played this again and completed various achievements that weren't done yet. I like how you have to search a lot! I found 2 glitches though. 1. hearing footsteps in the water when not in the water anymore and 2. Open door keeps clinging on the screen when i'm not close to a door. Feel free to check it out!



Yep, those glitches are common. Basically I ran out of time on testing lol. If it ever becomes a full product, those bugs will be gone.

Alright, sure. That makes sense :P Thanks again for the great game and keep it up! 


Really cool game. The atmosphere and sounds are really great. The one issue i had was the lack of ability to pick up and use things at will. Like finding keys but having to wait till you need them to pick them up.


I just played this game, literally scared the crap outa me! Great demo btw 


I really loved this demo! Keep up the great work!

Was great to watch. Mind if I share this video?

Not at all! You can share it all you want! 


hi and big thx for the demo. looks great. greetings from germany

I see you got a bit lost. Try all the doors :)


Really atmospheric game and congrats for doing this awesome demo in this short amount of time!Keep up!:)


Bro this game is Insane keep these types of games Coming :))


This game was pretty cool.  I liked the puzzles and I even managed to find all 25 dollars. I would love to see this become a full game, and would like to know what happened before the events of this one.

Awesome game my friend

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tag the game with #horror so you get more views and downloads

Will do, but I'm not particularly looking to promote it. It's more of a demonstration to what could be made in a game :)

But see, big fella. Now that you tagged it I was able to see it.