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Him. The door needs a key? Well, I'll just take the other path to find a solution (Opens door. Has a heart attack

Finally got round to giving this a go. Was quite enjoyable. I actually wasted a lot of time in the lower part of the facility cos I couldn't unlock the door despite me picking up a pair of keys on a nearby barrel...not realizing I needed to do the eye puzzle for the actual key. XD

Would certainly play the complete game if that ever saw the light of day. And also, it's a small comfort to know that we might all be able to do something like this if we follow your tutorials. More than a few times, I had a "Oh I remember him explaining how to do this" moments while I played this.

oh dang it this game so laggy on my pc but this is awesome game and graphic was to intense

my pc spec:

Intel core i3 3.4Ghz

Ram 6GB

My graphic card,i dont know but the vram is 1024gb

This game was relaxing, fun, and scary all at the same time. I hope it gets turned into a full length in the future. Awesome game. 

#Horror #Horrorgame #Scary 

A great DEMO. We enjoyed it very much.

I love the ambience in this game, very nostalgic of old school horror. I don't know if you plan on making a full game to this, but I would be very interested. It was a great demo and very jumpscare-y.

I Like the Radio jimmy ,were you can just hear it in the other room...Nice Touch!!

I played your game in an indie romp, Hope you enjoy

Your game starts at 11:50

Yoo, this was a really good horror game! I enjoyed it a lot and made a video on it too! Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed the game 😊


A really nice game! I had loads of fun. I tried to record this the first time, but my recording failed. Unfortunatly I only realised it at the end... I played this again and completed various achievements that weren't done yet. I like how you have to search a lot! I found 2 glitches though. 1. hearing footsteps in the water when not in the water anymore and 2. Open door keeps clinging on the screen when i'm not close to a door. Feel free to check it out!



Yep, those glitches are common. Basically I ran out of time on testing lol. If it ever becomes a full product, those bugs will be gone.

Alright, sure. That makes sense :P Thanks again for the great game and keep it up! 


Really cool game. The atmosphere and sounds are really great. The one issue i had was the lack of ability to pick up and use things at will. Like finding keys but having to wait till you need them to pick them up.


I just played this game, literally scared the crap outa me! Great demo btw 


I really loved this demo! Keep up the great work!

Was great to watch. Mind if I share this video?

Not at all! You can share it all you want! 


hi and big thx for the demo. looks great. greetings from germany

I see you got a bit lost. Try all the doors :)


Really atmospheric game and congrats for doing this awesome demo in this short amount of time!Keep up!:)


Bro this game is Insane keep these types of games Coming :))


This game was pretty cool.  I liked the puzzles and I even managed to find all 25 dollars. I would love to see this become a full game, and would like to know what happened before the events of this one.

Awesome game my friend

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tag the game with #horror so you get more views and downloads

Will do, but I'm not particularly looking to promote it. It's more of a demonstration to what could be made in a game :)

But see, big fella. Now that you tagged it I was able to see it.