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What is Flappy Cube?

The real question is what is the simplest object to work with in Unity? A cube! This cube comes to life in your worst nightmare. Prepare to rage at the unforgiving nature of the game!

A clone of the classic Flappy Bird game, but with a twist... A 3D twist with cubes!

What are some of the features?

A Level. A game over. Some flapping.

Is the game Free?

YES! Of course! There is a completely free version of the game! You'll never have to pay a penny to play the demo game if you don't want to.

What's the paid version for?

The paid version is the source code to the entire project. You can get the source code for the ENTIRE game - includes ALL scripts, ALL 3D Assets, 2D Assets and Audio Assets!

Remember though, you'll never have to pay for anything if you don't want to! Everything in the game can be obtained just by playing.

I can download the source code?

Yes, you can download the entire source code. This includes EVERY script written in C#. Also included is ALL 2D + 3D Assets and ALL Audio Assets. You'll need at least Unity 2019.3 installed to use the source code. You also get to keep it forever! 

Owning the source code means you can create your own version of the game, learn more about game development or even release a modded version too!

Want to know more?

Visit me on YouTube to learn more about how these project files work and how you can build your own games to publish right here on itch.io - it's fun, free and easy!

>> This source code will only work in Unity   

This game doesn't take itself too seriously, and neither should you.


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No one has ever done a gameplay video of this so I’ve decided to make one. I was doing so well at this game.

what if I want to reuse and modify paid one for commircial purposes?


once you own the code, it’s yours to do whatever you like with :)


giving you credit if i use it